Embed A Quiz On Your Website

Why embed quizzes on your site?

Your users want to have fun. If you want them to stay engaged, or if you want them to remember what you are talking about, you have several options. But none of them produces such a great experience as quizzes.

Embed quizzes on your website and engage your audience like never before

  • Time on site
  • Bounce rate

A page with a quiz retains users longer, and converts better

Want to increase the session duration on your pages? Want to reduce the bounce rate? Adding quizzes is a great way to do exactly that. Plus, your users will have fun, and will associate this interactive experience with your company.

Your visitors want to be part of the story

A nicely done quiz has the unique ability of keeping website visitors interested and entertained. How? By letting them make choices, express their interest, answer questions about themselves, who they are, what they like. Who turns down a little ego boost?

What type of quiz should I embed on my site?

It is obviously better to include a quiz or trivia that is related to your content – but it is not mandatory. Actually, retaining your users with a quiz well targeted to your audience, even if it is not directly related to your content, will produce results.

Embed quiz on website 101

Sounds good, but.. where do I find these quizzes?

Not sure how to get started? You’re lucky. We made embeddable versions of some of our best quizzes available to you (for free). We made it super easy. Just try the different quizzes below and when you find one you think your audience will like, simply copy the code and and paste it on your webpage.

List of free embeddable quizzes and trivia games

Find a quiz that might be a good fit for your page. Try it with the green button. If you like it, copy the code to your clipboard and paste it on your website. Done!

Vampire Diaries

Which Salvatore brother would you fall for? (Vampire Diaries)

Audience: Girls (18+)
Tone: Fun and Light
Engagement: Very High
Virality: Very High
Perfect Fit For: TV Shows,
Vampires Diaries, Twilight,

Try it out
<iframe class="wpvq-iframe-quiz" style="width: 700px; height: 600px;" src="http://www.quizsumo.com/vampire-diaries-quiz/" width="300" height="150" frameborder="0"></iframe><a href="http://www.quizsumo.com"> <img src="http://www.quizsumo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/QuizSumo-Full-size-1-e1460299575617.png" alt="Quiz website" width="60" /></a>

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