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Does she like me quiz: Her secret, revealed

Does she like me quiz: Her secret, revealed

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Does she like me? (QUIZ)

Does she think of you when she is alone back home? Does she secretly smile at your jokes? Is it time to ask her out? Take the quiz below to finally find out. Some signs don’t lie. Take these few questions to discover the truth about her feelings and emotional state.

Love crystallization

If you are reading this, you are obviously very into this particular person you are thinking about. You might even be feeling some very strong emotions right now. This is great and the best love stories usually start this way! Butterflies.

But then, remember that having feelings for too long without letting them get out can lead to cristallization.

Quick piece of advice: don’t fear rejection too much

does-she-like-me-quiz Love cristallization happens when someone ask themselves “Does she like me?” for a while and overthink it, which can be stressful and can undermine your efforts to seduce her. By blushing everytime you talk to her. Or trying to impress her too hard. Or just by overdoing it. You name it. So it is always a good idea to keep it easy with your own feelings.

Here’s a million dollar trick: each time you realize you are cristallizing, a good idea could be to just think about something else until you calm down. Especially if you are about to talk to her. It is simple, but it works! After all, you’re the man!

Love is also a matter of timing

If the quiz tells you she is attracted to you, it will be true; however, some external components might still factor in. For instance, she might be in a relationship already, or just breaking up and not ready to let go yet. Or maybe she can’t be in a relationship for some religious or family related reasons. It is always safe to get to know more about where she is in her life before you make the Big Move. A good way to go about it is to innocently gather some intell from her friends.

Does she like me? Take the quiz above

Nuff said. You have been wondering if she likes you for a while. Why not get the answer now? If the test recommends you make a move and you actually do it, let us know what happens in the comments.
Good luck!

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